code of conduct.


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Renew Church has a great culture of serving and everyone who calls Renew Church their church home are encouraged to serve regularly on a service or ministry team. Renew Church also has a duty to our church community, our team members and the wider community to ensure that everything we do is done safely, legally, ethically and with integrity.  This necessitates implementing a ‘code of conduct’ for all volunteers. 


Service Teams

Those who volunteer on a service team…


  • will commit to complete Renew Church’s ‘Next Steps’ course.
  • carry out the responsibilities of their role with integrity, serving in accordance with the values and beliefs of Renew Church.
  • will be accountable within their teams and follow reasonable instructions from those in leadership.
  • will treat ALL persons with dignity and respect and will act in the best interests of those they serve (especially those who are vulnerable).
  • will commit to fulfilling their volunteer role when and where expected. This includes finding a replacement if they cannot make their duty, and informing their team leader of the change.
  • will exercise caution with all potentially addictive behaviours and/or harmful substances and will refrain from using any illicit substances.
  • will use caution when initiating or receiving physical contact with those they serve. Such gestures can be unwanted or misinterpreted.
  • will not be spiritually, emotionally, physically or sexually abusive in any way towards others.
  • will acknowledge when they do not possess the required skill set in a situation and seek help from the appropriate leader.
  • will cooperate with any reasonable policy or procedure of Renew Church relating to health and safety at the workplace.
  • will avoid the use of offensive language (sexual innuendo, racial slurs etc.)
  • will not take property belonging to others (including intellectual property).
  • effectively identify and immediately report any known or perceived instances, disclosures or allegations of harm to the team leader or pastor.
  • understand that any information gained through Renew Church must not be used for purposes other than legitimate Renew Church purposes.
  • advise church leadership if they are accused or convicted of any criminal offence or if relevant criminal proceedings are pending.
  • will be open to correction and humble enough to modify behaviours so as to not discredit the gospel.
  • avoid any conflict between their private interests and their role within Renew Church and will not seek gain or advantage (financial or other) from their role.
  • will immediately report (to the team leader or pastor) any known or perceived behaviour within Renew Church that could be considered illegal or inappropriate.
  • will notify the team-leader if workload is too heavy or if responsibility is causing undue stress.


Youth & Children’s Ministry

Additional to the above, those who volunteer on a youth or children’s team…


  • will agree to follow Renew Church’s policies and procedures specific to youth and children’s ministry.
  • will complete all security and reference checks and training that is either a requirement of law or is regarded as Renew Church policy.
  • assess risks and act appropriately to ensure the safety of all people in their care while serving in their area of ministry.
  • will not meet with a child or young person other than their own children in an unsupervised non-public context.
  • will not provide a child or young person with any drug or medication without permission from their parent or guardian.
  • will keep all interactions with children and young people public.
  • will respect parents/guardians and their role as primary carers for their children. They will avoid usurping their authority in ministry situations.
  • will take responsibility and the initiative where and when appropriate to ensure that children and young people are both valued and protected while in their care.
  • will check with a team leader if you are unsure of the appropriate action in any given situation.


Ministry Teams & Pastoral Care

Additional to the above, those who volunteer on a ministry/pastoral care team…


  • will make every effort to maintain a strong, authentic and personal relationship with God, through regular prayer, Scripture, worship, and communal life in the Body of Christ
  • will agree to follow Renew Church’s policies and procedures specific to connect groups and ministry teams.
  • will never counsel a person of the opposite sex unless it is absolutely necessary and never alone.
  • will remember that they are not a professional counsellor, but they are called to care, come alongside and connect. They will realise their limitations and work within them.
  • will maintain a high standard of confidentiality and will share sensitive information only with those who have a need to know.
  • will inform the person (before any counselling begins) that they may need to disclose information to church leadership if they feel it is absolutely necessary to do so. If it discovered that a life is in danger or if there has been abuse of a minor, it must be disclosed (regardless of consent or not).
  • will be open to correction and humble enough to modify behaviours so as to not discredit the gospel.