meet the team.

symon and kristy drake

lead pastors


Symon and Kristy are the Lead Pastors of Renew Church in Whangarei and Global and have been in full time ministry since 1997. They are wholehearted in their commitment to lead a multigenerational church which relates to, and champions tomorrow’s history-makers. They are desperately passionate about encouraging/equipping people to reach their full potential in God, and communicating the truths of His word in ways that are easy to understand, relevant and applicable to people’s everyday lives. They have four kids and four cats.

julian squires // people care

abby johnson // kids

eddie stone // youth & operations

darlene davis // accounts

dan & hannah squires // worship

stephen garton // production

sue adams // reception

steven & charis mcleish

scotland pastors


Steven and Charis are the Pastors of Renew Church in Scotland and have a heart to reach those far from God with the message of Jesus and to bring the broken home. To build the local and global church and impact every part of society by occupying it with the Gospel, advance the Kingdom of God, and make disciples of all nations and to invest in the leaders of this generation.

julian squires // oversight team

wayne garton // oversight team

symon & kristy drake // oversight team

richard venning // oversight team

Awesomely supportive church family – practical, biblical and real life – and loving all the new things being put in place. Love the heart of our church leadership.

Prem Nand